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The Live Healthy Lee County trail markers are placed on the in-town trails in Ft. Madison and Keokuk.  The orange shoe marks the quarter miles (or close to a quarter mile), and the circles with green arrows will be placed at corners to indicate where to turn.  Some trails are under construction so the markers will be placed when completed.  For a full listing of the trails see below.  If you see a spot where a marker needs to be replaced please call (319)372-5225.

Conservation Trails

•  Heron Bend Park
•  Chatfield Park
•  Wilson Lake Park
•  Pollmiller Park


Keokuk Urban Trails

•  Look Up Downtown Trail  (1.67 miles)
•  Historic Neighborhood Trail  (1.26 miles)
•  Mississippi Riverfront Trail  (1.1 mile)
•  Park-to-Park Trail  (3.37 miles)

Keokuk Trail Brochure 
(There have been a few changes made to the Historic Neighnorhood Trail - please click the above link to view those changes)


Ft. Madison Urban Trails

•  Riverview Park Trail  (1.11 miles)
•  Downtown/Parks Trail  (1.42 miles)
•  Ivanhoe Park Trail  (.19 mile)
•  Bluff Road Trail  (3.26 miles)
•  Rodeo Park Trail  (1.5 miles - .3 extension)

Ft. Madison Trail Brochure